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WIND ATLAS - An Edible Body - LP

WIND ATLAS - An Edible Body - LP


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*American Tour Edition

The album, An Edible Body, is an evolution from the band’s 4AD Records inspired earlier work, fuses post-punk with world music sounds paralleling the explorations of Dead Can Dance, with hints of early 90’s Ethereal Gothic Rock like The Shroud, mixed with Post-Industrial and Neo-folk sounds. The latter influenced could have been honed with the aid of having the album produced in New York with Sean Ragon, a main figure of the current post-industrial scene, who also is leader of the band Cult of Youth and occasional guitarist of Psychic TV. You can especially here such influences on tracks such as the title track, Shedding Light, and Under These Waters, which momentarily delve into territory you would expect from Coil, and continuing into tracks such as En La Cruz showcasing the novel fusion of style normally reserved for the work of Lisa Gerard.