ZANZARA - La Testa Abbassata - EP

ZANZARA - La Testa Abbassata - EP

Common People

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New Oi!/Punk band from the suburbs of Barcelona (Spain). Brutal Siegers born just one year ago and were formed with members of other bands like Brux, Area de Combate, Acero Condal or Barbarians... and their 7" single debut "Comte Estruch" is finally out!

Raw Oi! with Punk influences of course, lyrics in spanish and catalan, hard-hitting voices kicking your ass like in "Salvajes" and they also use saxophone in their music that reminds me to classic '80s French Oi!. Brutal Siegers sounding like Oi!/Punk, Rock'n'Oi! or whatever you want to call them. So hurry up to order your copy before it's too late