Typhus – インセクト テロリスト / Insect Terrorist - LP

Typhus – インセクト テロリスト / Insect Terrorist - LP


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More archival Japanese punk, this complies the ultra rare flexi from 1981 with two bootleg tapes released in Japan, with a booklet of scans of the covers and insert, flyers, translations of song titles and lyrics, adverts and info on Tam and ADK records, making this an essential item for teh Japanese punk fan. 23 tracks in total.

Typhus are famous in Japanese punk history for being one of the earliest hardcore type bands and for providing members for some of the most famous bands, Tam in The Stalin and running ADK records, Shin forming Gauze and Izumi in Aburadako. the flexi was released on Political, the label run by Michiro Endo of The Stalin.