V/A Avalanche - Swiss Underground - LP

V/A Avalanche - Swiss Underground - LP


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Recopilatorio Hc/ Punk Suizo de 1989

Vinilo Violeta

A1 Calhoun Conquer– No Parallel With Eden

A2 Calhoun Conquer– Pathological Proportions

A3 Dark Age (2)– Face Of Death

A4 Dark Age (2)– Cityepidemie

A5 Frances Zorn– 69 Again

A6 Frances Zorn– 3rd. Night

A7 Wicked (13)– Massacre In A Small Town

A8 Wicked (13)– Shame On You

A9 Trial & Error (3)– Police State

B1 Jaywalker (2)– Eat My Shit

B2 Jaywalker (2)– Aural Exciter

B3 Insane Apple– Tote Kinder

B4 Insane Apple– Was Nun

B5 Insane Apple– Blechlawine

B6 Infected (4)– Natural Catastrophe

B7 Infected (4)– Money Rules

B8 Suburbian Flowers– Rhapsody In Pain

B9 Fleisch (2)– Dr. Rat

B10 Fleisch (2)– Nazihead